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Welcome to Life Touch Ministries:
My name I Bill Armstrong and I have been serving in ministry since 1975. We started going on short time mission trips in 1985 to El Salvador. Going out to serve the Lord in the world is His call on my life.  God has expanded my outreach as the years have passed. I have been in 21 countries and on 30 mission trips. God has always been faithful. I am excited about what He will do this year.

New Outreach in 2019-21

Dominican Republic: March 2019
In 2015, I went with a team to help construct homes in DR.  This year I returned with a team form the Florida Baptist Children's Home  to have the celebration of having completed 94 homes which allowed 94 families to have a place to live and prosper.  The work was accomplished through the work of Florida Baptist Children home and volunteer teams.  We had a celebration time, conducted home visits and provided care packages for the families. One of the homes we visited the husband came to a personal relationship with Christ.  One lady made the comment about her new home, "It is like walking on streets of gold"

Zambia Africa: April 2019
Our GAiN team of eight Americans climbed aboard the plane and settled in for the 17-hour flight that would take us home after an amazing week of vision and mobility clinics in Zambia, Africa.  Nine days earlier, as we landed in the capital city of Lusaka, we weren’t sure how much we were going to be able to accomplish in two different areas of humanitarian aid, since we were a smaller team than normal.  Although there were eight of us, each day we divided into two teams of four---one team headed out to do vision clinics and the other four set off in another direction to help with mobility needs.By God’s grace, we had stamina to serve so many more people than we imagined!  In the course of 5-1/2 days: We saw 1,185 people at the vision clinics and were able to provide 1,130 with glasses  As people waited to be seen at the vision clinics, staff members from Campus Crusade for Christ Zambia and church volunteers shared the gospel one-to-one with each person.  As a result, 350 people made decision for Christ. 
*The mobility team served 61 people, fitting many with wheelchairs, walkers, and other mobility aids.

Southeast Asia 2019
This is the first time that an eyeglass clinic was held in this country.  We had a great time fitting 1000 patients with reading glasses.  The country was beautiful and the people were friendly.  The people were blessed through this outreach. 

Sao TomeOctober 5-19
This nation is an island nation off the West Coast of Africa with about 200,000 people.  We partnered with the local pastors and trained the nationals on how to show the Jesus Film and how to use the Jesus Film App to witness.
This is a new work for Campus Crusade for Christ.  We showed the Jesus Film around the Island and trained the pastors how to use the Jesus Film App

Guinea-Bissau : December 2019
This was the final trip of the year.  Guinea-Bissau is located in West Africa.  We had a wonderful time showing the Jesus Film in remote parts of the country. 

Zambia: July 2021

I will be working with Unto partners in Zambia to help people there by providing glasses through vision clinics. During the clinics, we will meet with people one-to-one to assess their vision and fit them with glasses. We will have time to show the kindness of Jesus. By providing glasses through these clinics it will enable the local partners to build stronger relationships in the communities so they can share to the hope of Jesus.

Columbia: January 2022

I will be working with Good News In Action based in El Salvador.  I have make one trip to Colombia to help a new church start there a couple of years ago. We do street evangelism and those who decide to follow Christ are followed up by the church in Bogota.  The year I am going back to continue to witness and work with the church.

I ask that you pray for the ministry and the out reaches to different parts of the world. That the Holy Spirit would lead us in all that we do and that we be sensitive to his leading. If you feel led to help financially that will be greatly appreciate. 

     We are a 501c3 Non Profit Ministry. All contributions are tax deductible.  If you would like to give you can give online or by check. Make all checks out to Life Touch Ministries, P.O. Box 833, Jennings, LA 70546.

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